Behind the brands

Meet Maré from Flour and Dough

What could be better than cutting into a freshly baked loaf and covering it in golden, melted butter....? Absolutely ...

Ahhh's been renamed!

In our upcoming August Box we are including the amazing Sweet orange & grapefruit Solid Moisturiser from Ahhh, to...

Get to know Becky from Goodbye

This month we are lucky enough to be working with the lovely Becky Cashman from Goodbye, featuring her brand new prod...

Q&A with Yun from Arture

Arture has featured regularly in our subscription boxes for over a year now and that is because Arture's high quality...

Lué Skin Solution Set By Jean Seo

We were so excited to feature the Lué Skin Solution Set in this month's All New Brands box, as we had seen the rave r...

Get to know Sophie from Ahhh

We have featured a few Ahhh products over the years, and they never fail to impress us with the imagination, incredib...

This is Kash from Skye Candle & Bodycare

Kash from Skye Candle and Bodycare had a very unexpected, wholesome and heartwarming journey into starting her busine...

Meet Blair from Nudi Point

Blair has been supplying us with his stunning products for years now and is one of MyTreat's biggest supporters. He h...

Sirius Skincare

Two of the products going in this month's Sweet Dreams Box are from the amazing 'Sirius Skincare', a local kiwi brand created by Debra Heather. Debra's inspiration & journey was so incredible we just had to share her story with you!

Fox By Nature

In the theme of Self-love, this year we are celebrating the boss & brains behind the brands you love and uncoveri...

Balancing babies and a business

This months box is a nodd to fellow female entrepreneurs balancing babies and business, as this box is not only filled with products from natural, ethical, local NZ brands, but also by incredible, empowered mothers inspired by their children to make their dreams reality.


You may have seen ByNature around. They seem like a relatively new player on the beauty scene because EVERYONE has ju...
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