Skincare tips

Exfoliating 101

Why exfoliation is so important    As we age, our cells regenerate slower, which can cause a build-up of old, dull s...

Gua Sha Massage FAQ's

Gua Sha In this month's September Box we are including a Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massage Stone, which is a luxurious faci...

Top 10 Summer skincare tips and tricks

Beat the heat and keep yourself nourished and healthy this summer! Here are our favourite tips and tricks to keep coo...

Simplifying your skincare in 6 simple steps

If you have been subscribed to us for a while, you will have collected some skincare gems in your beauty cabinet that you may not know how/when/why to use, continue reading and I will help straighten out how to apply your skincare in 6 simple steps, jargon free!

6 Simple, Eco-Friendly Beauty Essentials Swaps

We have found the best Eco-Friendly NZ made Beauty Products that you can easily swap out for your shower or bath, without compromising quality! Take a look at the 6 best swaps we've come up with and where you can find them.

Introducing Doubtless Bay Botanicals

We are bath lovers here at MyTreat HQ and we are so excited to introduce the Doubtless Bay Botanicals range inside Ne...

The benefits of natural microdermabrasion

Introducing a simple skin refining treatment done from the comfort of your own home.Arture resurfacing microdermabras...
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