November's Summer Essentials - NZ Made

We have been working like crazy little bees trying to create the perfect collection of treats to help prepare you all...

Simplifying your skincare in 6 simple steps

If you have been subscribed to us for a while, you will have collected some skincare gems in your beauty cabinet that you may not know how/when/why to use, continue reading and I will help straighten out how to apply your skincare in 6 simple steps, jargon free!

October Glow

As we say goodbye to winter and come into summer weather, our skin needs extra love and care as it is exposed to dry...

Balancing babies and a business

This months box is a nodd to fellow female entrepreneurs balancing babies and business, as this box is not only filled with products from natural, ethical, local NZ brands, but also by incredible, empowered mothers inspired by their children to make their dreams reality.

September's Luxury Escape

This month indulge and recoup with our incredible September Luxury Escape Box. With everything happening around the w...

Read all about Amazing August

Look and feel amazing this month with our Amazing August Treat Box, packed full of treats to invigorate and nourish y...

Amazing August is here, and its worth the wait!

Our amazing August MyTreat box is going to have you looking and feeling fabulous, as it is packed full of treats to ...

6 Simple, Eco-Friendly Beauty Essentials Swaps

We have found the best Eco-Friendly NZ made Beauty Products that you can easily swap out for your shower or bath, without compromising quality! Take a look at the 6 best swaps we've come up with and where you can find them.

Eco-Friendly July

Plastic-free July is a global movement to reduce plastic pollution, so that is why this month we have created our Eco...

Say Hello to June's Winter wellness box

As we begin to wrap ourselves up with warm jumpers, beanies and scarves, MyTreat has a Winter Wellness pam...

Mental Health May Boxes Revealed

We can’t send you wine, but we can send you 7 reasons to smile!! May is our Mental Health Month, last year ...


You may have seen ByNature around. They seem like a relatively new player on the beauty scene because EVERYONE has ju...
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