Bath Night Essentials

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Enjoy a long hot soak in a little luxury!

This box has all your essentials to make your bath nights oh-so luxurious. Treat yourself to an indulgent 300ml bottle of Linden Leaves Bubble Bath, three Ahhh Bath Bombs, Skye Candle & Body Care Puff Poofs and four Firelight 15 Hour Paraffin Oil Candles for that 'spa retreat' ambience. 

What's In The Box

Ahhh Cosmetics Bath Bomb Trio

Indulge yourself with the wonderful Ahhh Cosmetics Bath Bombs. Ahhh are notorious for making products that smell absolutely incredible, without any added nasties or fragrances! You know the drill, run the water and pop one of these beauties in the water for magic. Made with skin loving oils and salts to relax muscles as you soak. #bliss. This box comes with 3 different bombs - soothing lavender, decadent manuka honey or tropical ocean cruz.

4x Firelight 15 Hour Paraffin Oil Candles 

A bath night isn't complete without soft, warm candle-light, and lot's of it! These candles are fragrance-free so you can enjoy the beautiful glow of firelights without an overpowering scent. Because these don't have wax, you won't need to worry about melted wax mess in the case of any slippery mishap. Insert into your favourite candle holder and enjoy.

Linden Leaves Green Verbena Bubble Bath

Sink into dreamy bubbles and breathe in the indulgent chamomile, verbena, bergamot scent. This 300ml formula is made to last, so you can enjoy the bubble goodness for longer. Pour under running water and enjoy.

Skye Candle & Body Care Puff Poof Microfiber Makeup Wipes

As the steam from the bath opens our pores, it's super important to ensure your skin is clean and fresh - to avoid sinking dirt and grime further into the skin. As the tub fills, use these double-sided, fluffy puffs to naturally buff away makeup, oils and built-up dirt from the day, without stripping your skin. Simply wet with warm water and rub in circular motions to gently cleanse the skin and completely remove makeup, it works like magic! Machine washable and re-usable, these puffs are a natural alternative to makeup wipes. This box comes with two Puff Poofs to cycle throughout your week.

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