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A gift to yourself or that special someone, to make the receiver feel absolutely gorgeous. In preparation for a special evening with impending romance, a little pampering can go a long way to boosting your confidence and making yourself feel sexy. Start with a beautifully scented ByNature body wash, a gorgeous Morgan Taylor mani-pedi, a ByNature face mask and Jade Roller session for a touch of radiance, and pop the erotic spray for later on. Most of these products can be used again and again, so you can feel incredible and ready to woo any day.

What's In The Box

ByNature Rosehip and Charcoal Purifying Body Wash 495ml

The Aromatherapy Body range from By Nature Skincare is gentle on skin, natural, and is large enough to last. Start your evening off with a luxurious wash, with purifying, soothing properties from charcoal and rosehip, leaving skin feeling great, with a sultry floral scent. ByNature Body Wash is made using a natural extraction process which means the molecule count is higher, this helps to ensure your limbic system can absorb the active ingredients inside, ready to face the day or head to bed feeling calm and cleansed.

ByNature Rose Water Face Mask

Rosewater is a known ingredient to soothe and purify skin, this mask will help soothe whilst also providing intense hydration. Pop on before the big night for glowing, gorgeous skin!

Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Laquer 

A coat of polish on your nails is always a great way to add that final touch of making yourself feel gorgeous and to complete your pamper night. Lifes too short to have boring nails! 

Theory of Her Erotic Spray

A natural erotic spray for women. Mint and bush is a pleasure spray that is 100% organic and made in NZ. The perfect blend of peppermint oil and lavender flower water, specifically formulated to freshen and enhance erotic experiences. "Basically, it will make her orgasm like never before". "But it really is not rocket science - Far from it. We're just using natural aphrodisiacs to help orgasmic bliss".

Natural Jade Roller

Stemming from Ancient Chinese medicine, jade rolling has been used throughout time to relax, detox, tone, lift and rejuvenate the face. Simply roll whenever you have the time, but if you have a big night planned, rolling your skin beforehand can help encourage blood flow to the face, giving you a gorgeous rosy glow! 

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