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Thank You Box

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Who do you know that deserves a Thank-you? This box is jam packed with our favourite goodies, perfect for pampering and showing someone how much you care.

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Our new thank you box is the perfect gift for someone you are wanting to say thank you too With face, feet and body all covered as well as a few tasty treats, anyone that receives this box of goodies will feel truly appreciated and can indulge in some at home pamper sessions, while enjoying cruelty free brands, NZ made products, and a super exciting box of beauty treats. 
Remember to add in the notes section of your order what date you would like your box dispatched as well as any personal message you would like added and we will make sure this is included and sent out when you are wanting. 

What's In The Box

By Natures 100% pure face oil (RRP $30.00)
Derived from Olive Oil, this plant derived Squalane is incredibly moisturizing without a heavy feeling - Leaving a soft, light and silky feel to the skin. It is highly beneficial for parched and patchy skin that needs a boost of nourishment and hydration.
Little Olive Tree's 100% natural foot scrub and foot balm (RRP $30.00)
Revitalize your feet with a nice hot soak and foot scrub to make your feet feel new again. Follow up with a foot massage using the luxurious peppermint foot balm to have your feet feeling fresh and smelling great!
Ahhh.... Manuka Honey soap (RRP $12.90)
These sweetly scented soap bars add a touch of luxe to your shower routine, with a longer-lasting scent, chemical-free and nourishing formula, you'll never want to run out!
Rata and Co Vitamin C Sheet Mask ($4.99)
A burst of vitamin-rich hydration for tired skin, this Rata & Co. Radiance Boosting Vitamin C Face Masks is formulated to hydrate and boost dull and tired skin. Infused with Collagen and rich Shea butter, this mask will replenish and condition, leaving skin radiant and hydrated. 
Also included is some delicious treats like the Mrs Higgin's fruity Anzac cookie and a Packet of Werther's originals! All this for only $30 plus shipping makes this box so affordable, who do you know that deserves a thank you gift?
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