Sweet Dreams

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Whether you struggle to turn your mind off at night, just had a baby, are experiencing insomnia, not getting enough sleep has a huge effect on our health and well-being.  This treat box holds all the essentials to prepare your mind, body and soul for a deep, blissful sleep. Balance hormones, enjoy a soothing lavender scented soak, coat the skin in luxurious oil and creams, soothe sore or restless muscles and even enjoy a hot tea as you wind down.  Including more incredible NZ brands like; Sirius Skincare, Ahhh, Linden Leaves, Quarterpast, Nudi Point and Wild Kiwihearts, you can sleep soundly knowing you are supporting wonderful local businesses.

What's In The Box

Linden Leaves Lavender & Cedarwood Bon Bon 

(Includes travel-sized Sweet Dreams Body Oil and Lavender Hand Cream)

Apply your sweet dreams body oil after your shower/bath, coat your hands in the lovely hand cream as you get ready for bed and breathe in the serene, comforting scents of lavender and cedarwood.

Sirius Skincare Hormone Balance Roll-on

Our hormones have a huge effect on sleep, and can be disturbed by many factors. This Hormone Balance roll-on was specially formulated by Debra at Sirius Skincare, who has battled years of endometriosis, (which is an estrogen-dependent disease) and wanted to create products to help alleviate her pain and balance her hormones. Roll this blend on skin before sleep and when you wake to help naturally calm, relax and balance hormones. 

Wild Kiwihearts Magnesium & Kawakawa Body Cream

This luxurious cream is so silky to apply, and with powerful anti-inflammatory properties of Kawakawa and soothing Magnesium for restless and achy muscles, simply rub this cream onto any sore spots for instant relief. Keep this travel friendly tub on your bedside or in your purse for targeted relief when you need it.

Ahhh Cosmetics (Now Anihana) Lavender Love Bath Bomb

Lavender has been proven to aid in relaxation and asleep, keep this bath bomb aside for a soothing hot soak that will immerse your skin and senses in blissful lavender. Soothe sore, tired and restless muscles in hydrating coconut oil and Lavender Essential Oil. 

Nudi Point Joint & Muscle Relief

This all-natural essential oil spray is amazing for easing aches and pains. Simply spritz onto any area that is feeling sore and feel the pain reduce almost instantly. The leftover scent is wonderful too, we have had a few customers comment how similar it is to the old pink smoker's lollies! 

Quarterpast Mulled Berry Fruit Infusion Syrup

Quarterpast pride themselves on great flavour without the added nasties or sweeteners, just pure cane sugar and a high concentration of delicious fruits. This mulled berry syrup is divine added to hot water for a spiced berry tea, to sip as you begin to wind down before bed. Also a great way to curb sugar cravings which can effect your sleep. Enjoy hot or cold anytime, also lovely with soda and ice for a refreshing spritz that tastes reminiscent of mulled wine! In a generous 500ml bottle, this will last you a while. 

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