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Teenage Dream Box

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Perfect for any young teen who loves to pamper and dedicate time to self-care.

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Encouraging self-love, body positivity and self-care, this box would be a dream to any young teen. The box includes natural treats for the occasional pamper, everyday luxury and caring for acne-prone, sensitive or oily skin. Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, or to celebrate the first visit from 'Aunt Flo', this box is perfect.

What's In The Box

Arture False Lash Effect - Lash Growth Serum (RRP $50.00)

Formulated to visibly improve lash length and density within two weeks of use, this incredible serum is made of natural peptides to stimulate the growth of eyelashes! Featured in our subscriptions boxes earlier this year, this serum has been raved about by many of our subscribers.

Nudi Point Roll-On Perfume - Gentle Obsession (RRP $20.00)

The latest release from Nudi Point, this gorgeous roll-on is an all-natural, chemical-free perfume alternative so you can smell lovely without worrying about nasties on the skin. Featured in this box is the beautiful 'Gentle Obsesion' aroma, with pure essential oils of sweet orange, jasmine, lime and vanilla.

Ahhh Peach Smoothie Sugar Scrub (RRP $8.00)

Scrub away dead skin cells and rinse away the day with the wonderful Peach smoothie Ahhh Sugar Scrub. Made with coconut oil, poppy seeds, cane sugar and vitamins, the soap will soften and hydrate skin naturally. As per usual it also smells incredible, this peachy aroma will fill your entire bathroom with the summery scent! Once it’s been used, you won’t have any rubbish to add to the landfill as this is in bar form so you can purchase eco-consciously.  

By Nature coconut hydrating day creme (RRP $14.00)

With no nasty chemicals and non-greasy formula for sensitive and acne-prone skin, this hydrating day creme with coconut oil will leave skin feeling soft and nourished. Infused with Hyaluronic acid, Aloe vera, Vitamin E and  Rosehip for intensive hydration, this light and non-greasy hydrating day cream won't block your pores and will leave your skin feeling nourished and ready to face the day!

Purifying Charcoal and Manuka Honey Face Mask (RRP $5.00)

With the amazing properties of activated charcoal and manuka honey, purify and detox skin with this By Nature Face Mask. Perfect to keep in the cabinet for an indulgent pamper night to reset after the week.

Grounded Tropical Lip Scrub (RRP $10.00)

Buff away dead skin for silky, luscious lips, then lick away the delicious residue! This Grounded lip scrub is completely edible as it is made from natural sugars, flavours and oils to nourish and scrub lips naturally. 

Also included is a few lollies for an indulgence inside and out, a couple of chubba chub lollipops and some mentos!


There are two options for this box available, one with all treats plus a menstrual 'MyCup' and one with everything but the 'MyCup'.

Teen MyCup - Size 0 (RRP $35.00)

New Zealand eco-innovation, the My Cup are changing the game when it comes to periods. These teen menstrual cups are comfortable, easy to use and made in Christchurch from medical grade silicone, and they are the most comfortable and effective cup on the market! Perfect for first-time cup users aged 12-18 years – although if you feel like you need a smaller cup there is no age restriction! If you are unsure about making the change to menstrual cups, think about how much you will save our planet and your pocket by changing from single-use menstrual products to an easy to use cup. We are avid cup lovers ourselves, (It's honestly amazing to not have to buy products anymore!!) we totally recommend giving it a try asap!

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