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Wellness Box

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This box is full of incredible treats that are dedicated to keeping you feeling your best. Gift to someone who's been feeling under the weather, or keep for yourself to try each of these therapeutic and delicious treats that are guaranteed to make you feel on top of the world!! The box includes amazing brands like Miss Currant, Nudi Point, Arture, Pink and of course a cheeky Molly Woppy gingerbread biscuit because it wouldn't be Christmas without it! 

What's In The Box

Molly Woppy Gingerbread Biscuit 

Nothing says Christmas quite like a gingerbread cookie, snuggled up with a cuppa or glass of milk. This sweet treat is a lovely accompaniment to any night where a little indulgence is called for.

Arture Rose Anti-bacterial Mist

This amazing Arture sanitizing mist effectively kills bacteria and viruses in hands, surfaces and clothing, so you can keep germs at bay easily over the flu season. Perfect size to pop in your handbag for a quick sanitizing spritz on the go, made with natural ingredients that will nourish your skin. 

PINK Bottle Vitamins

Say goodbye to boring vitamin pills, these vitamin gummies are chewable and absolutely delicious. Each gummy is a heart-shaped, strawberry flavoured nutritional product, for you to take daily. Watch the results as your skin becomes clearer, hair more luscious, and nails become stronger and less brittle. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, good for you and our planet. 

Nudi Point Immunity Roll-on

The Nudi Point Essential Oil Roll-ons have always been a favourite in our boxes, as these are pocket-sized heroes for headaches, congestion, cleansing and more. This beautiful immunity blend is amazing at keeping germs at bay, with the therapeutic properties of eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, lemon.

Nudi-Point Breathe Roll-On

The Nudi-Point roll-ons have always been customer favourites in our Treat Boxes, the Breathe roll-on is amazing! Use if you have breathing difficulty or congestion, or just have in your handbag for a quick refresh on the go. The effective blend of pure essential oils were selected for their antibacterial, antiviral, decongestive and clearing properties. Roll-on temples or under the nose when needed, take a deep breath and relax.

Miss Currant Premium Black Currant Sachets
We have included the amazing Miss Current Black Currant sachets, as they are full of amazing nutrients that you can easily add to smoothies, baking, yoghurt or even just water to get an extra vitamin boost. This premium powder is packed with 50 Nutrients: 38 Antioxidants, 7 minerals and 5 vitamins, including vitamin C. 100% natural, Vegan, No added sugar.

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