Arture Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Cream

Arture Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Cream

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Introducing a simple skin refining treatment done from the comfort of your own home.

Arture resurfacing microdermabrasion cream is an amazing at home product that replicates the microdermabrasion treatments provided by dermatologist’s and beauty therapists in less than a quarter of the time.

Microdermabrasion offers a deep exfoliation using microcrystals to remove dead skin cells resulting in a renewed over all skin tone and texture. This is great for if you have a special occasion coming up like a wedding or holiday.

Results are instantly visible after just one treatment and will stimulate collagen production and skin regeneration. By incorporating this quick and effective treatment into your weekly/fortnightly routine, you will see an improvement in your overall skin appearance, a reduction in acne scarring, sunspots, fine lines, pore size and uneven skin tone.

"I am absolutely loving adding Arture products to my skincare regime. I am always cautious about putting things on my skin in case I break out but my skin has hugely improved after using the Resurfacing Microdermabrasion Cream ... My skin has never felt softer! I’m so impressed with the high quality and results from all of the Arture products I’ve tried!" Ella - Arture Customer 

Arture believes that our earth is precious and therefore they only use the best natural ingredients from around the world. The microcrystals in this cream are 100% from ruby and sapphire crystals. Combining these microcrystals with natural botanicals like aloe vera and camomile and vitamins like rosehip oil, grapefruit and mango results in your new fresh skin feeling nourished and glowing.

Other reason’s we just love Arture’s specialist skincare is because they have sustainable packaging, not tested on animals and made right here in NZ.

This gorgeous microdermabrasion cream retails for $124.95.

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