ByNature and Rata & Co Face Masks

ByNature and Rata & Co Face Masks

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A pamper night wouldn't be complete without a face mask, so add one of these incredibly luxurious and highly effective face masks to your treat box! With 5 different options to target different issues, so if your skin is in need of a hydration boost, deep cleanse, brightening, or plumping, you can find exactly what you need.


1. Rata & Co Vitamin C sheet mask

A burst of vitamin-rich hydration for tired skin, this Rata & Co. Radiance Boosting Vitamin C Face Masks is formulated to hydrate and boost dull and tired skin. Infused with Collagen and rich Shea butter, this mask will replenish and condition, leaving skin radiant, plump and hydrated. 

2. ByNature Rose Water Face Mask

Rosewater is a known ingredient to soothe and purify skin, this mask will help soothe whilst also providing intense hydration. Pop on before the big night for glowing, gorgeous skin!

3. ByNature Hydro Firm Lace Collagen Shot Sheet Mask 

This Collagen Shot, Hydro Firm, ByNature Lace Face Mask is a wonderfully luxurious addition to your next pamper, with active ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and CO-Enzyme Q10 for a boost of nourishment and moisture. With a lace sheet, you will feel like a princess as you soak in this youth-boosting mask. 

4. ByNature Exfoliating Coffee & Coconut Oil Clay Face Mask

Complete your pamper while recharging dull and tired skin with a deliciously uplifting combination of Roasted Ground Coffee Beans and rich, natural Pacific Coconut Oil in this clay face mask from ByNature.

5. ByNature Purifying Charcoal + Manuka Honey Sheet Face Mask

Purify your skin with this intensely nourishing face mask. Activated Charcoal removes impurities from the skin while New Zealand Active Manuka Honey provides nourishment and protection.

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