Linden Leaves Gold Toning Mist

Linden Leaves Gold Toning Mist

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A refreshing mist enriched with amaranth and red rice to help hydrate and restore skin vitality. This luxurious mist is enhanced with natural witch hazel and chamomile to soothe and tone, leaving skin feeling revived. A toner is typically designed to finish off the cleansing process in your skin. Think of it as the rinse cycle on your washing machine. It properly removes any residual face wash or cleanser, makeup or dirt from your skin, and refines your pores.

Refining your pores, it helps reduce the absorption of impurities from our everyday environment and prevents skin from losing moisture. This Linden Leaves toner has witch-hazel which is an astringent and will help shrink your pores, soothe your skin and reduce inflammation. Its an all natural option to give your skin a healthy glow and after using it for a few weeks you will see a noticeable difference to your skin, giving you a bright and beautiful complexion. The team at Linden Leaves took inspiration from the gold leaf, and based it on the era of Cleopatra who used to bathe in gold and was the original goddess of beautiful, healthy skin. 
Also included inside this 'wonder mist' are the extracts from avocado oil, and chamomile flower which softens the skin and leaves it nourished. 
It serves as a practical and easy to apply toner for your face and body, but can also be applied over the top of makeup or when you are on the go, to give your skin a boost. It is light, alcohol free and highly conditioning.

Wondering why this product photo is half empty? I messaged Rosie and asked which products were best sellers for Mothers Day last year... this pic is what she sent back! "One of my faves, I've been buying it from Linden Leaves since I sold MyTreat because it is one product I cant go without and I know there are a handful of past customers who will know this one well and LOVE it like I do". Rosie (MyTreat Founder)

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