Rata & Co. Probiotic Face Cream

Rata & Co. Probiotic Face Cream

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This Rata & Co. product is lovely, and much loved by our customers and is one of the richest creams we have, which is perfect if you want an antioxidant to supercharge fine lines and wrinkles.

This Probiotic Face Cream has a special formulation of soothing Probiotic Milk Peptide & Omega Rich Plant Extracts combined with natural fruit antioxidants to target stressed and dull skin. If you like a cream that you can let soak into your skin this is right for you. Rich yet light, this intensive cream melts effortlessly into the skin, it is ideal for use on your skin every day and includes the Rata Probiotics signature Milk Peptide to help with skin renewal and act as a healthy skin barrier. Use with the Rata & Co. Eye Cream for maximum results. 

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