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MyTreat Mini Box Subscription

MyTreat Mini Box Subscription

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$22.95 / monthly
Shipping $6 nationwide
Your box will be dispatched 7 days after your order has been placed. Your future payments will be on the same date as your first order for the following months

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Our exciting new mini subscription box is a tester of treats with a selection of full size and mini size products sure to delight on delivery. This great subscription option is well suited for, university students, daughters that want their own subscription, people that want to trial the Mytreat experience or for women that want a complete surprise each month while still supporting all the great NZ brands choose to work with.


When are boxes posted?

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Our main subscription boxes are dispatched on the 25th of each month, for weekly and fortnightly pay customers your box will be dispatched once all the payments are received.

Our mini subscription boxes are dispatched within a week of payment.

How can I cancel or change my payment plan

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How do I cancel or change my payment plan.. You can cancel your subscription any time (after the initial 3 months). Unfortunately due to the high value of the boxes cancelling prior to the initial 3 months will incur a $15 cancellation fee.

Due to the number of payment options available we are unable to offer cancellation though your account login  but you can email us at anytime to cancel your subscription. info@mytreat.co.nz.

If you would like to change the date for your scheduled payment then you can email us anytime and we can arrange this for you. For our main subscription boxes we offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly pay options and we can change these for you any time by emailing us info@mytreat.co.nz.



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