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Nudi Point

Spot The Difference

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Introducing Blair from Nudi Point's brand new product - 'Spot the Difference' Spot Treatment. Created as an addition to the original 'Spot the Difference' facial bar for acne sufferers, use this roll-on to zap away blemishes, naturally.

Over summer bare skin is the best skin, but sometimes hormones, stress or a change in diet (or for no reason at all!), pesky spots and blemishes pop up and knock our confidence - usually leading us to cover it up. With a roll-on applicator, simply roll on any spots that pop up and watch them disappear. This formula has been infused with natural essential oils to help soothe, reduce pigmentation and encourage healing - helping zap those blemishes away so you can take on the day clear and confident.

"I had absolutely terrible skin when I was a teenager and young adult in my early 20's. It was a horrible thing to go through and I would often not go out because of how bad my skin was. I tried EVERYTHING and didn't seem to find anything that worked. That's why when I was developing Nudi Point products, I was DEDICATED to creating a facial cleansing bar for acne that actually works!" - Blair

During our peak periods we endeavour to fulfil each order as accurately as we can, from time to time however we do have to substitute products in one off and build a box orders. This will always be a similar product with the same or higher value to the product purchased.

*Essential oils should always be used with caution.